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Jann Lee

Country of Origin: China
Date of Birth: November 27
Demeanor: Heroic
Likes: Action movies, hamburgers, grapefruit
Dislikes: Weak opponents
Height: 5'10" (177 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
Race: Human
Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
Signature Weapon Type: None
Signature Weapon Name: None
Control Scheme: DOA-IZM
P1 Outfit: C1 Outfit (DOAD)
P2 Outfit: C1 Outfit (DOA2)
P3 Outfit: C3 Outfit (DOA2)
P4 Outfit: C5 Outfit (DOA)
Voice: Nobutoshi Canna (JPN), Kaiji Tang (ENG)
Signature Stage: Shanghai - Neon Lights
Music Theme: Furious Dragon

Signature Moves
Special Moves (EX Consumes 25% of a Drive Gauge): TBA
Distortion Drives (Requires a Level 1 or higher Drive Gauge): TBA
Astral Heat (Requires a Level 3 or higher Drive Gauge, A full Burst and Photon
Energy Gauge, and the last opponent's health at 35% or less): TBA

Arcade Rivals
Stage 4 Rival: Maxi
Arena: Proving Grounds - Blue Moon
Stage 4 Another Rival: Fei-Long
Arena: Metro City - Deserted Backstreets
Stage 8 Rival: Eric
Arena: The Gates of Hell
Stage 8 Another Rival: Lei-Fang
Arena: Kagutsuchi - Cathedral Sanctum
*Surrounded by 100 candles Jann Lee stretches for a moment before he uses his punches and kicks to blow every one of them out. After his practice session however, a candle lights back up causing him to walk towards the candle and blow it out, before he puts on his shirt, leaves the area and enters the metropolis outside.*
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