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Combat States

First Attack - This occurs when either player lands the first hit in a match.
Wounding Hit - All slicing and piercing attacks will wound their targets, causing additional damage and the target to bleed on impact. Wounding Hits will be harder to recover from once the wounded character is tagged out than regular hits due to a 50% difference in unrecoverable damage between normal and Wounding Hits. (Note: Spiked walls and bladed obstacles can also cause Wounding Hits.)
Astral Ready - Once the last surviving member of the opposing team has at most 30% health left, and the player's team has at least a full Photon Energy Gauge, a full Burst Gauge, and at least a Level 3 Heat Gauge (or just needs one more round to win in Singles Matches) the portrait for the main character will flash white signifying that he/she can use their Astral Heat to win the match. While the character has Rage active however, he/she just needs at least a Level 3 Heat Gauge and be on Match Point to pull of an Astral Heat.
Seithr Synthesis - Once a team is in danger of losing the match, each member will automatically absorb and additional 50% of seithr into their blood stream before the next round begins.
Juggling - Once the opponent is launched into the air the player can follow up with multiple attacks, however the opponent can recover from a juggle in midair via a Aerial Ukemi.
Bound - Debuted in Tekken 6, this will occur when a character is slammed to the ground during a juggle that causes the opponent's legs to recoil allowing the juggle to continue or launch the opponent further in the air to perform an air combo. Bounds are separated to Recoverable Bounds [Where their upper body will bounce off the ground. (Pressing any button will cause the combatant to return to their standing position)] and Unrecoverable bounds [Where their legs bend over while their upper body is lying on the ground. (The only way to break free of this bound state is by using a Break Burst.)]
Tackle - A universal move that will be used when a combatant runs between 10 to 18 steps towards  their opponent. This tactic can be performed while the opponent is facing towards or away from the combatant, can be followed up with punches, slashes, stabs, submission holds or even gunfire. However, the opponent can escape from or even reverse a tackle. Some combatants can utilize an Ultimate Tackle from the standing position while Marduk and Vanessa have special tackle variations.
Unblockable Tackle - This variation of the tackle will be utilized when the combatant runs 19 steps or more towards the opponent. The only way to evade this tackle is by utilizing the 8-Way Run movements or jumping over the tackling opponent.
Item Move - Debuted in Tekken 6, when special item is equipped by an compatible character and when the player inputs a secret command he/she will perform a special move using that item. (ex. Inuyasha will take the brass knuckles out of the side of the belt and unleash a devastating right hook if he has a Brass Knuckle Chained Belt Waist item equipped or Siegfried's gauntlets will turn into wrist blades before he swings them around causing damage to his opponent if he has the Crystal Blade Gauntlets equipped)
Rage - Based on the original Rage System from Tekken 6. When a character's health is below 15% their side of the upper HUD and the character his/herself will give off a red (the default color) afterglow. Unlike Blood Rage, Rage lasts until the character's health reaches 0 or their health becomes greater than 15%.
Agitation - Based on the Netsu Power from Tekken Tag Tournament. When a character takes too much damage or gets too many of their attacks blocked, one of the partner characters will become Agitated causing their part of the HUD to flash red until they are tagged in. Once the Agitated character is introduced into the battle field the character will give off a red (the default color) afterglow while their attack power increases dramatically in a 5 second interval. Once the interval ends, the character's HUD will return to normal and the afterglow will vanish.
Blood Rage - The rage system variant has become similar to the "X-Factor System" of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. On each player's HUD is a gauge filled with blood and every time they or their teammates take damage (especially damage from Wounding Hits) the gauge will begin to turn black and develop a red afterglow. Once the gauge has reached a certain mark, their side of the upper HUD will begin to pulse, signifying that they are able to enter a state that will not only make them give an enraged look on their face and transform their bodies into humanoid Black Beasts, but will also double their attack power, give them infinite Photon Energy, Overdrive and Heat Gauges and make them produce a red (the default color) afterglow through out their entire body especially their eyes and now visible blood veins. The pulsation of the HUD will be more apparent and frequent as the gauge increases. (Note: The Blood Rage duration for Unlimited Characters is double that of Normal Characters. The Blood Rage level also determines the duration and enhancement of the Blood Rage state.) WARNING: Activating Blood Rage will immediately consume and permanently destroy both the Photon Energy and Overdrive Gauges for that character once Blood Rage wears off. Afterwards, the user will be placed in permanent Danger state for the remainder of the match. Story wise, when a warrior show signs of extreme anger, suffers a life threatening injury or a large amount of seithr is released into a given area, a moderate amount of the seithr will enter the person's blood stream either airborne or through the warrior's wounds and cause his/her veins to visually expose themselves and violently glow while their eyes turn blood-red. The more the anger builds up or the more wounds are received, the greater the quantity of seithr will be injected into their body and the brighter the glow becomes.
Counter Strike - This occurs when a player lands an attack before another the opponents attack can make contact with the opposing player.
Fatal Counter Strike - This occurs when an attack that would usually stun an opponent or make them stagger when blocked lands as a Counter Blow or when an attack counters a throw attempt.
Critical Hit - This occurs when a hit causes the opponent to stagger over slippery surfaces or in some occasions increase the possible damage of your combos.
Critical Stun - Any opponent who enters this state will be temporarily stunned, leaving them open for a combo. The only three methods to escape a Critical Stun is by stopping their attacks with a hold, using a Barrier Impact on the opponent to either repel their attacks or parry them (If an attack is repelled the opponent can either begin a Barrier Impact Chain by repelling or parrying the next attack), or by sacrificing a use of the Overdrive Gauge to perform a Break Burst.
Critical Crush - If a stunned combatant takes a hit from a certain attack while the Critical Stun Notification is red, that attack will cause a Critical Crush and leave the opponent vulnerable to a Charged Strike, Aerial Combos, Exchange Combos, Exchange Assaults, Distortion Drives, TDAs or even in most cases, Astral Heats. Anyone who enters the Critical Crush State will be unable to use Break Burst, Ukemis or Aerial Ukemis to break out of the combo until they reach the ground.
Rapid Parry - This occurs when a player presses forward while guarding an attack. This tactic will leave your opponent open for a free hit, unless they counter with either a Barrier Impact or a Hold.
Just Guard - This occurs when a player presses backward before an opponent's attack makes contact with the user's combatant.
Rapid Cancel - This occurs when the select button is pressed during a combo.
Counter Throw - This occurs when a throw attempt is made before an opponent could make a throw attempt of his/her own.
Fatal Counter Throw - This occurs when a throw attempt is made when an opponent is setting up a hold.
Throw Reject Miss - This occurs when the opponent fails to make the throw escape before he/she is thrown.
Combo Throw - This occurs when another throw command can be implemented after a segment of the throw is complete.
Counter Hold - This occurs when an offensive/defensive hold is set up between 3 to 7 frames before the opponent's attack connects.
Fatal Counter Hold - This occurs when an offensive/defensive hold is set up between 1 to 2 frames before the opponent's attack connects.
Hold Reject Miss - This occurs when the opponent fails to make the throw escape before he/she falls victim to an offensive/defensive Hold.
Combo Hold - This occurs when another hold command can be implemented after a segment of the hold is complete.
Overhead Throw - Characters can now throw a standing opponent while they are in midair. The effects vary from knocking the opponent down or launching them into the air which depends on the character and the position.
Negative (Offensive) Penalty - This occurs when a player repeatedly performs the same moves three times in a sequence. (The offending player will receive a Negative Warning after two instances of the same move occurs.) During this state the power of the character's attacks is reduced by half. The player can break free of Offensive Penalties by using different tactics than the ones used to cause the Negative Penalty.
Negative (Defensive) Penalty - This occurs when a player makes too many defensive maneuvers or blocking too many attacks. (The offending player will receive a Negative Warning if no offensive maneuver is made for 5 seconds.)  During this state the character inflicted will suffer twice the amount of damage inflicted by a normal hit. The player can break free of Defensive Penalties by moving towards his/her opponent or perform attacks that successfully come in contact with the opponent.
Team Rave - If you have at least one level of the Heat Gauge, you can call up one partner and create a special combo by alternating between the two characters. The team rave will end when the timer gauge runs out or a Distortion Drive is performed and whoever was in the sidelines during the team rave will exit the battle until they can be called on again.
Assist O.K. - This signifies that a certain character can be called to assist the main character, exchange places with the main character, perform a Team Rave combo, or pull off a T.D.A. (Team Distortion Assault) after standing by for one second after they are called during the match or in the beginning of a match (if a teammate is Snapped Back then the entire team won't enter this state for 5 seconds.)
Round Break - Instead of resetting the position of the characters at the end of every round, the winning character will perform a round victory pose while the losing character gets back up to his/her feet. If the winner is too close to the loser, they will take a few steps backward in order give the loser space to stand back up for the next round.
Battle Damage - Throughout a match as a character takes damage they will begin to show cuts, scrapes and bruises throughout their body.
Attire Damage Alert - This occurs when a character takes enough hits in a certain area which causes a segment of the Attire Gauge to turn yellow. (The targeted area will feature major damage to the clothing and armor that represents the section of the gauge that turns yellow.)
Attire Damage Danger - This occurs when a character takes enough hits in a certain area which causes a segment of the Attire Gauge to turn red. (The targeted area will feature critical damage to the clothing and armor that represents the section of the gauge that turns red.)
Attire Destroyed - This occurs when a character takes enough hits in a certain area which causes a segment of the Attire Gauge to turn black. After the targeted area of the gauge turns black the damage of every attack that targets the affected section will increase by 25%. (The targeted area will cause the clothing and armor that represents the section of the gauge that turns black to tear apart revealing the undergarments worn underneath them (Only certain articles will be destroyed if a Regular Character's default armor enters this state) and cause the character's hair to fall down after their hair ties are destroyed.)

Customization Categories - The customization parts and decorations are separated by the parts of a character's body and only a select few parts would overlap with each other. (Note: These customization items are purely cosmetic unless a character exclusive item is equipped by a specific character as they could unlock character specific Item Moves.) Items used for customization are categorized as followed:

Inner Torso
Middle Torso
Outer Torso
Left Hip
Right Hip
Inner Legs
Outer Legs
Inner Feet
Outer Feet
Body Hair (Male Only)
Hair (Base)
Hair (Front Right)
Hair (Front Left)
Hair (Back)
Mustache (Male Only)
Beard (Male Only)
Stubble (Male Only)
Face Paint
Eye Brow
Eye Color
Eye Shadow
Eye Lashes
Eye Liner
Blush (Female Only)
Lip Effects (Female Only)
Fur/Scale Color (Mobians Only)
Blood Rage
Attack Effects
Hit Spark
Claw Arm (Nightmare Only)
Central Eye (Charade Only)
Flame Body (Inferno Only)
Antennae (Menomaru Only)
Hey guys, here's the list of the states that the player will encounter during a match. I know that the counter system is similar to the counter systems in BlazBlue and Dead or Alive but, there will be plenty of differences between them. So please enjoy.

EDITs: Changed the title due to the inclusion of the Customization Section. Added new customization categories and introduced Wounding Hits. Added annotations to Negative Penalties, Snap Backs, and Attire Destruction.
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ARMORCRYSTAL Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012
I'm guessing the new Wounding Hits (also known as Blood Damage) was from Final Fantasy XIII-2.
OhgunO152 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But, wounding hits will have an additional effect, because wounding hits cause more seithr to enter the opponents bloodstream, thus causing their blood to turn black and glow red. The vial on top of the health bar examines how much blood is in the character's blood stream and once the seithr detection levels reach either 33%, they can enter the Blood Rage state. The effects of Blood Rage can be enhanced once the seithr detection levels reach 67%. Once seithr presence has reached 100% the character can unlock their Blood Rage state's true potential.
ARMORCRYSTAL Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012
So, in short, it's a kind of double-edge sword. The character's attacks will become more powerful due to Blood Rage, but some of their health won't recover much when tagged out.
OhgunO152 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're right, and after Blood Rage wears off their Photon Energy and Burst Gauges will be destroyed, and they have to endure the rest of the round (or match in Elimination Matches) in the Danger State.
ARMORCRYSTAL Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011
Looks like this is going to be hectic and fun. Nice.
OhgunO152 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know that, because you'll have two tag teams of 5 characters fighting in a 3-Dimensional Space.
Kiriyuu69 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
wow... u must have spent a lot of time on this.. epic!
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