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Inuyasha: Hold on.
Kianae: Inuyasha…
*Inuyasha kicks the chair that his hated grandfather-in-law was supposed to sit off the stage of the Maury show causing the crowd to cheer loudly in ecstasy and entertainment.*
Maury: Uh, wow…
Inuyasha: Keh, a bastard like him doesn't deserve to sit on anything.
Maury: You don't want him near you?
Inuyasha: N… O… No way in hell, do I want him sitting anywhere near my sister.
Maury: Really?
Inuyasha: My grandbastard-in-law doesn't even deserve to get comfortable after all the crap he put my family through.
Maury: Alright, everyone this is Kianae. Welcome Kianae to the show.
*The crowd cheers for Kianae.*
Kianae: Thank you. Thank you all very much.
Maury: Now we are witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime first for the Maury show. The entire Syracuse Elite have traveled a very long way, to prove one man that the legendary Inu no Taisho is Kianae's father. And that man is none other than Inuyasha's father-in-law, King Johnathan of Denmark.
*The Audience boos at Johnathan when he appears on the screens behind Maury, Kianae, and Inuyasha.*
Maury: Inuyasha believes that his own grandfather-in-law has denied the fact that Kianae is truly his half-sister, because he believes her mother has slept with a wild dog.
*The Audience boos and jeers at Johnathan for his beliefs towards Kianae.*
Inuyasha: Between me and you Maury… I've personally invited a secret guest to prove that Kianae's really my half-sister…
*The Audience cheers after hearing Inuyasha' s hint*
Maury: Now you have just met each other in a tribal village in Moatoob. How long have you kept yourself hidden outside of your half-brother's life?
Kianae: My father was pressured in deciding who should inherit both Tenseiga and Tessaiga 500 years ago. Therefore, he felt that hiding the truth about my heritage would make the bequeathal easier for both of my half-brothers. I actually didn't think that I would make my presence known during a universal crisis…
Inuyasha: And now the bastard backstage had the nerve to call my sister a bastard child when she looks exactly like my old man. Take a clear look at the holographic comparison of them.
*A hologram depicting both Kianae and Inu no Taisho's anatomy appears on the projectors in front of the audience.*
Inuyasha: You see, they both have the same hair color, the same eyes, the same fanged teeth, and even her own Nanoblast is similar to my fathers…
Johnathan: (shouts) That doesn't prove that you're her sister!
*The audience starts booing after Johnathan shouts backstage*
Inuyasha: (shouts) Hey, don't you pull that bull*bleep* on me! Kianae was never the daughter of a wild dog, *bleep*hole!
Maury: He says that Kianae has genes of a wild dog in her body doesn't he?
Inuyasha: Oh, hell yeah he claimed that Kianae's a natural born wild *bleep*, Maury. But, when reality sets in, his bull*bleep*'s gonna stop right here and now. He lies to everyone about Kianae out of jealousy, I'm gonna halt this king's drama dead in its tracks. I'm tired of standing by and watching my sister suffer the wrath of my Grandpa-in-Law From Hell! This *bleep* gonna stop today!
*The audience cheers while Inuyasha was finishing the third sentence and continues cheering until he finishes the last sentence.*
Maury: Let's talk about your father. Have you ever met him?
Inuyasha: Well, I wish I could tell you about my very first physical encounter with my father, but that info's… well, highly classified for the moment. We'll just have to wait and…
Johnathan: (shouts) Will you silence that, gigantic, canine maw of yours already?!
*The audience boos at Johnathan once more.*
Johnathan: Your father's a lowly demon like the ones you killed trying to defend the uni…
Inuyasha: (shouts) You shut your *bleep*ing trap old bastard! You know what, bring your ass out here right now! Bring your ass out here right now! C'mon! Come out here! Bring his ass out here Maury.
Maury: Okay… okay… everyone.
Inuyasha: What?
Maury: We gotta hear, from the Grandfather-in-Law From Hell.
*The audience boos.*
Maury: This is what King Johnathan had to say to our producers. Watch.

*A video recording of King Johnathan fades in.*
Johnathan: (shouting) Inuyasha needs to learn his place, and throw his garbage sister into the wild where she belongs!
*The audience starts booing.*
Johnathan: (shouting) I never loved anyone related to Inuyasha by blood, because his family is nothing, but a pathetic horde of demons that were only sent to perform evil! I don't care if there are non-malevolent demons in the world! All demons are beneath my royal soles! I dismissed the claim that Kianae was in fact, Inuyasha's biological older-sister! A wild mutt in the wilderness conceived her several centuries in the past! I could give a rat's ass whether or not I'm the grandfather-in-law of another half-breed lowlife! I am never going to change my ways, no matter what those bastards has to say! If anyone from the audience, demon or not, including my own son dares challenge my authority… deserves to be treated like witches and demons like the bastards and *bleeps* from the Syracuse Elite!

*The audience boos as the recording fades out revealing an enraged Inuyasha destroying the chair that his bastard grandfather-in-law would sit in using only his claws.*
Inuyasha: Where is he? (howls) Where is he?!
Maury: Inuyasha… promise me you're not going to cause any more damage, okay?
Inuyasha: Fine, just get his ass out here NOW!
Maury: Kianae, Sesshomaru, don't let your younger brother out of that seat.
*Kianae and Sesshomaru try to hold their younger half-brother down.*
Maury: Here's Johnathan everybody. Welcome him to the show.
*The audience's booing intensifies as Johnathan walks out of the backstage area into the stage itself while flipping off the audience and cussing them out, showing the lack of respect he has for the audience. He stops his insults to greet Maury after he walks down the ramp into the stage.*
Johnathan: How are you today, ser Maury?
*Afterwards, Johnathan resumes abusing the audience, even targeting the show's producer, Gloria. Noticing their grandfather-in-law's disrespect toward the audience and staff alike, Inuyasha and his siblings focus their verbal anger on him, instigating a verbal fight between both sides. Meanwhile two barefoot and quiet men, one wearing a black hooded cloak, the other donning a white hooded cloak with familiar black markings walk into the audience and take a seat in the front row. Neither one let out a single peep as the audience constantly boos at the Maury show stage's newest arrival. Johnathan then changes his insult targets back to the Maury show audience.*
Maury: Johnathan…
Johnathan: (shouts) Just sit down and remain silent! The King speaks.
Maury: Your Majesty.
Inuyasha: Don't you dare call him that.
Kianae: Inuyasha calm down. Let him explain himself first.
Maury: But first come sit next your grandchildren.
Johnathan: (shouting) I'm not sitting near those aristocratic abominations!
*Sesshomaru gives him a very angry glare as the audience resumes booing at Johnathan.*
Maury: These are the older siblings of your granddaughter's husband, and you're treating them this way?
Johnathan: (shouting) I don't care about how I treat a trio of monstrosities!
*The audience boos at Johnathan again.*
Johnathan:  (shouting) What about the way that they're treating me, trying to humiliate sense into me day and night?
Maury: You're not that way around Inuyasha's little twins are you?
Johnathan: Oh, I love the little puppies. I love both of those kids. (resumes shouting) But, enough about those kids! I'm here to prove that Kianae is not that demon's baby!
Inuyasha: The f…
*Inuyasha walks towards the hologram projector.*
Inuyasha: (shouting) Look at these holograms! Look at them! Her eyes and her hair looks exactly like my father, and you have the balls to deny her as my own half-sister!
*Johnathan walks towards the hologram as Inuyasha points out the similarities between both Kianae and Inu no Taisho. He then begins to point out one significant difference between the two.*
Johnahan: (shouting) His daddy's tan skinned, this she-dog has *bleep* skin all over her body! She is not his baby! She is not his daughter!
*The audience starts booing and jeering even louder while Harmony, her mother the rest of the Syracuse Elite storm into the stage after Johnathan shouts out a bleeped-out racial slur. A massive argument ensues after Johnathan loudly disputes his denial of Kianae being Inuyasha's older half-sister.*
Man in the White Cloak: SILENCE!
*The stage all of a sudden becomes silent while the cloaked man walks toward the stage. Johnathan walks towards a chair, which causes the audience to boo and Inuyasha to snarl at him as he sits down.*
Johnathan: (shouting) You think that scares me?! Come on, boo me all day and all night!
*Johnathan boos the audience back.*
Inuyasha: Now Maury…
Johnathan: (shouts) Shut up!
*Inuyasha gives an angry glare at his grandfather-in-law as the audience boos when he was told to shut up.*
Inuyasha: As I was saying, this mystery man is actually my old man.
Maury: This is the legendary lord you think is the father of Kianae, right?
Inuyasha: He is, but I think that the hood's actually hiding his face…
*Inuyasha nods signaling the cloaked man in white to remove his hood and reveal himself as Inu no Taisho, his newly revived father while the crowd cheered him on as his identity is revealed.*
Maury: Now my lord, why did you wait until the universe was at a serious crisis to tell your sons about their half-sister in law.
Johnathan: That was actually, because he was dead like all demons should be.
*The audience boos at Johnathan once again.*
Johnathan: (shouting) All demons and ever one who ever welcomed them should die! Even you demons in the audience! All demons must…
*A tomato was thrown at Johnathan's face before he could finish his remark causing the chair he was sitting in to fall with him on it.  The crowd began to laugh at Johnathan and cheer at the person who threw it.*
Madea: Say one mo'… Say one mo' thing about her daddy!
*Madea was revealed to have replaced everything in her purse with tomatoes as she pulls another one out preparing to throw it. Johnathan whips out a handkerchief out of his pocket and wipes the tomato residue off his face. *
Inu no Taisho: I had not told my sons about Kianae because I needed for them to learn about the world on their own without the stress of having a sister. I needed Kianae to reveal herself as their sister only when the Fallen Sons had begun their inva-
Johnathan: If you had never settled down with a feral tramp, we would never be in this situation!
Inuyasha: I'm tired of my grandpa-in-hell *bleep*! It's time for the results!
Maury: That is the first time someone has requested the results. It's time for me to reveal them right here, right now.
*The audience cheers as Maury receives the manila envelope containing the DNA results*
Johnathan: (shouting) I don't need to know the results, because that whore is not your father's daughter!
Inuyasha: Just shut up and listen, old man!
Maury: In the case of 300 year old Kianae, Inu no Taisho… You ARE the father!
*The audience cheers while the man in the darker cloak leaves the set and Johnathan begins to cower near a wall before he runs to the nearby exit with the Syracuse Elite chasing after him. Meanwhile Inuyasha, Harmony, and Sesshomaru stay on the stage and celebrate the moment that Kianae was officially the middle child of the Great Dog Demon's children.*
*Johnathan is shown running from the angry mob made entirely out of members of the Syracuse Elite when he was stopped by a man in a dark blue hooded cloak.*
Cloaked man: Where are you going, father?
Johnathan: M-my son… I'm sorry, please just forgive me for what I have done to your family and friends. I should have never denied your son-in-law's older sister as your brother-in-law's daughter.
Cloaked man: I'm afraid you're on your own now…
*The man removes his hood, revealing himself as Eric and knocks out his own father using Soul Edge's pommel.*
Ariel: There he is!
*Eric dashes out of the building after putting his hood back on while Ariel and the rest of the Syracuse Elite catches up with their agitator.*
Sonic: Heheheheh, looks like he got knocked out.
Knuckles: Serves him right.
Shippo: C'mon everyone, the family of the hour is waiting for us backstage.
Sango: But what are we going to do about the King from Hell?
Ariel: Keh, we'll drag him with us for all I care.
Melody: Looks like Inuyasha's personality's beginning to rub off on you mom.
*Knuckles picks up Johnathan's unconscious body and places it on his left shoulder.*
Ariel: Hm… perhaps, even if it was only for a second.
*Everyone laughs as they use a back route to the backstage area of the studio*
Hey everyone, I never thought that I would get an inspiration for Kianae's Gag Reel from watching segments from Maury. The basic emphasis is that Johnathan denies that Kianae is the daughter of Inuyasha's father, so he demands that Kianae should take a DNA test on none other than the Maury Show of course. Unfortunately for our Akita Dog eared hero he had to witness the damage his "Grandfather-in-law from Hell" can really cause once he had the entire Syracuse Elite on the futuristic Maury Show.

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Kanjilearner3309 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Does this have anything to do with the Gag Reel weapons?
OhgunO152 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unfortunately, it actually does.
XxKarateKatxX Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Lol sonic and knuckles is in this meeting! Btw nice fanfic!
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