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Bass Armstrong

"In the ring you won't be spared, let's get in on!"

Country of Origin: USA
Date of Birth: July 4
Likes: His daughter, Touring, Motorcyles, Sauteed Chicken
Dislikes: His daughter's ambitions for a career outside of professional wrestling
Height: 6'5" (196 cm)
Weight: 346 lbs (157 kg)
Race: Human
Fighting Style: Professional Wrestling
Signature Weapon Type: None
Signature Weapon Name: None
Control Scheme: DOA-IZM
P1 Outfit: C1 Outfit (DOA4)
P2 Outfit: C1 Outfit (DOA2)
P3 Outfit: C6 Outfit (DOA2U)
Voice: Patrick Seitz (ENG), Kenta Miyake (JPN)
Music Theme: Yes or Yes II
Signature Stage: Parum - Reivun City Highway

Signature Moves
Special Moves (EX Consumes 25% of a Drive Gauge): TBA
Distortion Drives (Requires a Level 1 or higher Drive Gauge): TBA
Astral Heat (Requires a Level 3 or higher Drive Gauge, A full Burst and Photon Energy Gauge, and the last opponent's health at 35% or less): TBA

Daughter: Tina Armstrong
Wife: Alicia Armstrong (deceased)

Arcade Rivals
Stage 4 Rival: Marduk
Arena: Coliseum of Souls
Stage 4 Another Rival: Sesshomaru
Arena: Moonlit Wilderness
Stage 7 Rival: Miles "Tails" Prower
Arena: Frozen Cathedral
Stage 7 Another Rival: Zangief
Arena: The Gates of Hell
Sub-Boss: Tina Armstrong
Arena: City of Dis - Infernal Tower
*An Arch Demon watches an interview featuring Tina Armstrong and notices that she will join the Fist of Souls Tournament to gain fame by defeating Lucifer one-on-one.*
Arch Demon: A mere mortal woman desires to undermine our glorious leader? Ha, this puny "Tina" will not intimidate the lord of the Inferno, and general of Fallen Sons of Paradise.
*An explosion sends several Guardian Demons scattered around the streets as Bass emerges from the blast unscathed and enraged.*
Bass: Did you just say Tina!
Arch Demon: *growls* Another mortal!
Bass: I ain't gonna allow my Tina to be defiled by anybody!
*Bass tackles the Arch Demon into a television store, knocking the weapons from the demon's hand and breaking the glass encasing the right side of the store.*
InsaneBottleOfWater Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
he sounds pretty intense :> intense is good
ARMORCRYSTAL Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011
Ouch! Talk about a bull in a china shop, except there's two bulls instead of one.
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