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Country of Origin: Atlantica
Date of Birth: Forgotten due to a period of Cold-Sleep
Height: Unknown
Weight: "That's none of your business!"
Race: Human
Likes: Red
Dislikes: Hazama
Fighting Style: Original Style
Signature Weapon Type: Gunblade
Signature Weapon Name: Crimson Axion
Control Scheme: BB-IZM
P1 Outfit: Signature red sea-shell bra and bikini, red fish-scaled half-skirt and half-inch high-heel shoes.
P2 Outfit: Crimson-red and gold armor with a phoenix motif and fishnet lingerie underneath the armor
Voice: Grey DeLisle (ENG) Mayumi Suzuki (JPN)
Music Theme: Vixen en Rouge (Normal), Congélation de sang (vs. Hakumen)
Signature Stage: Oceanica

Signature Moves
Drive : Ammo Matérialiser
Special Moves: Rapide Cliché (can be performed in midair, requires 1 round), Déflecteur Sabrer (requires 2 round), Cramoisi Carabine (requires 2 rounds), Prompt Éclater (can be performed in midair, requires 3 rounds), Disperser Souffle (can be performed in midair, requires 4 rounds)
Overdrive: Incinération des Munitions (All of Arista's gunblade attacks will incinerate her opponents)
Distortion Drives: Vermeil Grêle (requires 5 rounds), Triple Vulcain Rafale (requires 5 rounds), Rouge Infini (requires 25 rounds)
Astral Heat (requires 15 rounds, full Photon Energy and Burst Gauges, and the victim's health less than 30%): Arrêt de la Phénix Reine

Arcade Rivals
(NOTE: Heihachi Mishima will appear in Stage 5 in Hakumen's place while Arista is a member of the team who has perfected EX Stage 1)
Stage 4 Rival: Julia Chang
Arena: Neudaiz - Mizuraki Conservation District
Stage 4 Another Rival: Brad Burns
Arena: Moonlit Wilderness
Stage 8 Rival: Ariel
Arena: The Gates of Hell
Stage 8 Another Rival: Hakumen
Arena: Sealed Dimension - Sheol Gate
Arista: I heard that I would have a big role in this, right?
Me: Yeah... well, your role is to basically help Ariel free herself from the Devil Gene. Well as for gameplay...
*SUSANOOH begins playing as Hakumen enters the scene. He looks around his surroundings for a second.*
Hakumen: What is this place?
Me: Oh, hey Hakumen. You just walked into the interview room.
Hakumen: What?
Me: Well sometimes the character featured in the bios I finished usually come in here and we talk about the roles and the bios in general.
*The background music fades out*
Arista: Um, what did you say about gameplay?
Me: Well, as I was saying before Hakumen surprisingly walked in here, you have a different Heat gauge than everyone else. I mean, your special moves require-
*SUSANOOH begins playing in the background again*
Hakumen: ...Are you comparing me to a Princess of Atlantica, Warlock?
Me: You know what, Arista? With Hakumen around I know he's probably gonna cuss me out if we talk about your gameplay mechanics around him.
Hakumen: Th- That was ridiculous! How could I let the Warlock insult me like this?
Me: Fine, if you two wanna find out who's the best at using unique Heat gauges go settle it in the arena. And Hakumen, if you don't want to get upset over a conversation, don't walk in during someone else's interview.
Hakumen: You have my word that I will never enter another stinking pit of humiliation and misery, however I will meet the Princess in the arena.
*Hakumen walks out of the scene and the background music fades out.*
Me: Sorry for that Arista. As I was saying you have a very useful Drive Ability.
Arista: And what is it?
Me: You can charge your Heat gauge if the player's pressing and holding the Beta Button (default button for BB-IZM Drive Abilities), that will allow you and your teammates to perform more Distortion Drives, SnapBacks and other Heat Gauge related tactics. Although, like Hakumen every single one of your special moves will consume a fraction of the Heat Gauge, making you a double-edged sword in team matches.
Arista: I see... so I have to use my special attacks sparingly so that I would be able to work with my team, right?
Me: I guess you know the drill, thanks for your time Arista.
Arista: You too, bye.
*Arista exits the scene.*
Me: *sigh* I can't believe Hakumen actually disrupted Arista's interview. Maybe I should pull something that would attract some... "sexual" attention to his interview...
*Hakumen walks back into the scene.*
Hakumen: Did you say something?
Me: No, it's nothing...
Hakumen: Fine!
*Hakumen exits the scene again.*
Me: He was still here... Anyway please comment before downloading or faving this deviation. I hate it when people fav without commenting and those who WATCH-and-dash.

Bio: You are here | Quotes: TBA | Moveset: TBA | Costume Catalog: TBA

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ARMORCRYSTAL Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011
I'm guessing you probably also hate people who comes into your interviews, uninvited.
OhgunO152 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're right and prepare for Hakumen's perverted and humiliating punishment when I finish and submit his bio.
ARMORCRYSTAL Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
Sure, but first you need to start your crossover project before you submit anymore bios, right? Wouldn't be a problem if SOMEONE didn't ruin it for everyone!
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