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Prince Eric by Nippy13
by Nippy13

The piece overall appears to been executed and created with absolute perfection. The attire in the presentation is a perfect match to t...

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Now before anyone goes overboard and says "ALPHA-90152" stole something from so-and-so, I want to clear something up. Any character, setting and items created by everyone other than me is owned by their respective owners. Since I may not be employed nor endorsed by these companies or people yet, their properties are being used without permission for fan-fiction, fan-game and parody purposes under fair usage rights.

As the original writer of such fan-fiction and fan game designs as well as parodies all new ideas are completely original works and such ideas that I have used to commission artists are also my own.

Now after reading this segment, anybody who attempts to troll me over my work, tries to spam on my stuff or files false claims on my stuff have proven themselves to be complete idiots who love to insinuate online beefs and drama in which I refuse to waste my time for. Thank you.

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Alexander Carlson

Arcana: 0 – The Fool
Age: 21
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Gender: Male
Occupation: College Student
Faction: H-D.O.M. (Hollow/Demon Obliteration Militia)
Darksign Element: None (Prior to Awakening his Persona)
Personas: Maximus (Main Persona) and various Sub Personas
Talents: Ace Intellect, skilled martial artist, expert driver, prodigal dual Persona master, can communicate with Personas
Likes: Driving around town, hanging out with friends
Dislikes: Strega and Undeath

Notable features: Light tan skin, dark blonde 10 inch straight hair, athletic slender physique, and blue eyes

Casual Attire (Spring and Fall): Black and green racing jacket, dark grey jeans with a black leather belt, white socks and black leather shoes
Casual Attire (Summer): Green t-shirt, blue jeans with black belt, white socks and green and white sneakers
Casual Attire (Winter): Dark green fur coat, white t-shirt, black leather pants and belt, white socks and dark brown fur boots
Operational Attire: Green t-shirt with black holsters on his chest, dark blue cargo pants with black utility belt, white socks and green and white sneakers
Swimsuit: Black and green board shorts and sandals

Emerald Green and black Katana with Saya, Automatic Pistols, Machine Pistols, a two black and green Evokers

An top-class college student and professional driver, Alexander had always lived a peaceful life despite the stories he heard about his father and grandfather’s experiences within Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. March 20th was a typical first day of spring for the Carlson family, as he casually drives around the city of Alexandria after a brief conflict with his father.
But one night, the memories of the one who terrorized the pizzeria his father loved came to haunt him and forced him into a nightly fight for survival against hordes of Hollows and Demons. That was until he mustered the strength to awaken his Persona, Maximus.
His unique ability to use two Personas at once and the horrors he experienced during the 6-hour period of frozen time known as the Dark Quarter, has aspired him to join H-D.O.M. as the Paramilitia’s sole Persona User and squad leader during raids within Tartarus.
Persona KR: Alexander's Profile
Alright... I just wanted to take the time to introduce the main protagonist of my pet animation project: Persona KR. Alexander is the third generation of three main characters who seemingly had a role in the incidents involving from both Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Fazbear's Fright that had resulted in the hell he had to go through every night the clock strikes midnight. It is mentioned that his father was supposed to be the one to signed the contract and become the User of the Persona Maximus, but instead Alex had inherited both the contract and control over his Persona. Now he bears the burden of juggling both his college life and his services for H-D.O.M. as he unravels the mysteries of the identity and rebirth of Strega as well as piece the incidents revolving around the pizzeria together.
May 23, 2015
:iconohguno152:OhgunO152 has changed their username (formerly ALPHA-90152)
Main Characters (Sorted by Arcana Number, Non-Underlined names become Undead during the Dark Quarter, Underlined names are Persona Users, Italic names are original characters, Bold names are the main protagonist/antagonist)
H-D.O.M. (Hollow and Demon Obliteration Militia)
0: The Fool Alexander Carlson
I: The Magician Kentaro Fujihara
III: The Empress Ariel
IV: The Emperor Eric
VI: The Lovers Haruka Sawamura
VII: The Chariot Kazuma Kiryu
IX: The Hermit Inuyasha
X: The Wheel of Fortune Shun Akiyama
XII: The Hanged Man Oscar
XII: The Hanged Man ???
XIII: Death Lautrec
XVI: The Tower Raime
XVII: The Star Freddy Fazbear
XVII: The Star Bonnie Rabbit
XVII: The Star Chica Hen
XVII: The Star Foxy McArnold
XVII: The Star Tony Fazbear (Toy Freddy)
XVII: The Star Jamie Rabbit (Toy Bonnie)
XVII: The Star Kira Hen (Toy Chica)
XVII: The Star Lara Fox (Mangle/Toy Foxy)
XVIII: The Moon Sesshoumaru
XIX: The Sun Solaire
Dr. Isabel Vahlen
Dr. Raymond Shen
Central Officer Richard Thompson
Russell Carlson
Richard Carlson

Affiliated Personas
Maximus (Alexander Carlson)
Maximus Draconius (Alexander Carlson)
Hathor (Haruka Sawamura)

Shadow Operatives
0: The Fool Makoto Yuki
I: The Magician Junpei Iori
II: The High Priestess Fuuka Yamagishi
III: The Empress Mitsuru Kirijo
IV: The Emperor Akihiko Sanada
V: The Heirophant Shinjiro Aragaki
VI: The Lovers Yukari Takeba
VII: The Chariot Aigis
VIII: Justice Ken Amada
X: The Wheel of Fortune Labrys
XI: Strength Koromaru
XII: The Hanged Man Chidori Yoshino
Ryuji Goda

Affiliated Personas
Orpheus Talos (Makoto Yuki)
Orpheus Omega (Makoto Yuki)
Hermes Trismegistus (Junpei Iori)
Odin (Junpei Iori)
Juno (Fuuka Yamagishi)
Artemisia (Mitsuru Kirijo)
Sambala (Mitsuru Kirijo)
Caesar (Akihiko Sanada)
Zeus (Akihiko Sanada)
Flauros (Shinjiro Aragaki)
Ares (Shinjiro Aragaki)
Isis (Yukari Takeba)
Aphrodite (Yukari Takeba)
Pallas Athena (Aigis)
Athena (Aigis)
Kala-Nemi (Ken Amada)
Forseti (Ken Amada)
Ariadne (Labrys)
Pasiphae (Labrys)
Cerberus (Koromaru)
Anubis (Koromaru)
Medea (Chidori Yoshino)
Medea Omega (Chidori Yoshino)

Yasogami Investigation Team
0: The Fool Yu Narukami
I: The Magician Yosuke Hanamura
II: The High Priestess Yukiko Amagi
IV: The Emperor Kanji Tatsumi
VI: The Lovers Rise Kujikawa
VII: The Chariot Chie Satonaka
X: The Wheel of Fortune Naoto Shirogane
XVII: The Star Teddie/Kuma

Affiliated Personas

Izanagi-no-Okami (Yu Narukami)
Shin Izanagi-no-Okami (Yu Narukami)

Susano-o (Yosuke Hanamura)
Shin Susano-o (
Yosuke Hanamura)
Amaterasu (Yukiko Amagi)
Shin Amaterasu (
Yukiko Amagi)
Rokuten Maoh (Kanji Tatsumi)
Shinrokuten Maoh (
Kanji Tatsumi)
Kanzeon (Rise Kujikawa)
Kanzeon (Rise Kujikawa)
Suzuka Gongen (Chie Satonaka)
Shin Suzuka Gongen (
Chie Satonaka)
Amatsu Mikaboshi (Naoto Shirogane)
amatsu Mikaboshi (Naoto Shirogane)
Kamui (Teddie)
Kamui (Teddie)

0: The Fool Shadow Alexander
0: The Fool Hollow Makoto Yuki
I: The Magician Shadow Kentaro
III: The Empress Shadow Ariel
IV: The Emperor Shadow Eric
V: The Heirophant Shadow Daigo
V: The Heirophant Hollow Shinjiro Aragaki
VI: The Lovers Shadow Trishana & Shadow Haruka
VII: The Chariot Shadow Kiryu
VIII: Justice Shadow Felix
IX: The Hermit Jin Shirato
IX: The Hermit Shadow Inuyasha
X: The Wheel of Fortune Takaya Sakaki
X: The Wheel of Fortune Shadow Akiyama
XI: Strength Shadow Saejima
XII: The Hanged Man Hollow Chidori Yoshino
XII: The Hanged Man Shadow ???
XIII: Death Springtrap
XIII: Death Vincent
XV: The Devil Shadow Majima
XVI: The Tower Shadow Raime
XVII: The Star Shadow Freddy
XVII: The Star Shadow Bonnie
XVII: The Star Shadow Chica
XVII: The Star Shadow Foxy
XVII: The Star Shadow Tony
XVII: The Star Shadow Jamie
XVII: The Star Shadow Kira
XVII: The Star Shadow Lara
XVIII: The Moon Shadow Sesshoumaru
XIX: The Sun Shadow Solaire
XXI: The World Hollow
Shuya Matsumoto

Affiliated Personas
Moros (Jin Shirato)
Moros Omega (Jin Shirato)
Hypnos (Takaya Sakaki)
Hypnos Omega (Takaya Sakaki)
Nergal (Vincent)
Osiris (Vincent)
Thanatos (Vincent)
Hel (Vincent)
Santa Muerte (Vincent)

Alexandria Police Department (APD)
VIII: Justice Felix Tokugawa
XX: Judgement Masayoshi Tanimura
Makoto Date
Lionel Lewis
Vannessa Lockhart
Latoya Dean
Rashida Dodson
Richard Smith
Antoine DeVile

Velvet Room
II: The High Priestess Shanalotte
XIV: Temperance Crossbreed Priscilla
XXI: The World The Spirits of the Lost Children and Shuya Matsumoto

Tojo Clan
V: The Heirophant Daigo Dojima
XI: Strength Taiga Saejima
XV: The Devil Goro Majima

Amon Clan
0: Miseria Han Amon
I: Bagatto Katsumi Amon
III: Imperatrice Ren Amon
IV: Imperator Kazuhiko Amon
V: Constanza Hideo Amon
VI: Amore Noa Amon
VII: Carro Jo Amon
VIII: Giustizia Kai Amon
IX: Eremitia Kuroto Amon
X: Ruota Kazuya Amon
XI: Forza Jido Amon
XII: Appeso Izumi Amon
XV: Diavolo So Amon
XVI: Torre Noboru Amon
XVII: Stella Kuma Amon
XVII: Stella Usagi Amon
XVII: Stella Torin Amon
XVII: Stella Kisune Amon
XVIII: Luna Fukushumaru Amon
XIX: Solle Haru Amon

Affiliated Personas
Commodus (Han Amon)
Commodus Draconius (Han Amon)
Rana Niejta (Noa Amon)

No Affliation
Sir Alonne

Other Factions
Kirijo Group
Omi Alliance
Street Gangs

Major Locations
Alexandria, Tennessee - Based on the Real World location of Memphis, Tennessee, the city of Alexandria is a popular riverside city in the state of Tennessee. This city is the main setting for the incidents that set the stage for the events of the series.
University of Alexandria
Mall of Alexandria
H-D.O.M. Mansion - One of residences owned by the Carlson Family, it is currently known as the second largest residence in Alexandria. The mansion itself is occupied by both H-D.O.M. and eventually the Shadow Operatives.
H-D.O.M. HQ - A massive underground base that is located in the basement levels of the H-D.O.M. Mansion.
Carlson Mansion
Tartarus - The tower that erects every night where Fazbear's Fright once stood and represents Strega's hideout. Rumors suggest that the Demons that roam Alexandria's streets came from the depths this tower and if captured by Strega, a person will be tortured and eventually killed by their Shadow Self during a full moon.
Abyss of Time
Colosseo Purgatorio
Fredbear's Family Dinner
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
Fazbear's Fright
Tatsumi Port Island

Dark Quarter - A period of frozen time that is very similar to the Dark Hour, but inflict a curse upon any human who is lured out of their coffins and lasts for six hours instead of one.
Undead Curse - The curse inflicted upon all humans who have witnessed the Dark Quarter, but the curse is only in effect for the Dark Quarter's 6 hour duration. The only known method to break the curse during the Dark Quarter is to awaken as a Persona User.
Hollowing - The process of withering of one's body mind and soul to the point where they no longer posses free will and their body is degraded to a walking corpse. All Undead who die in the Dark Quarter will become one step closer to Hollowing after being revived at the beginning of the next Dark Quarter.
Demon - A Predatory creature who roam the city of Alexandria during the Dark Quarter and prey on any Undead unfortunate enough to encounter it.
Shadow - A being born of negative human emotions. Like the Dark Hour incidents, Shadows appear during the Dark Quarter, but restricted to roaming the halls of Tartarus while demons and hollows roam the streets of Alexandria. It appears that all Shadows are aligned with Strega for an unknown purpose.
Shadow Self - These special Shadows are in league with Strega and seek to torture and kill anyone who falls within their grasp and become trapped within Tartarus. Alexander will gain the ability to wield new Personas that represent the Arcana of the kidnapped individual after they accept their Shadows.
PERSONA KR: Dark Dragon Main Info
Hello everyone, I just wanted to present you what I am currently working on for O-152 Studios's first ever Steam Filmaker/iClone Series. The Project has elements from Five Nights at Freddy's (Which part of the storyline is based on), Dark Souls, XCOM, Persona 3, and the Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku) series and takes place two after the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 while including flash backs from events of the Five Nights at Freddy's Trilogy. I wish I had more info for you, but I'll do so in an update or two along with Character Profiles.
UPDATES: The project's name is now PERSONA KR: Dark Dragon. The Amon Clan is added.

Voice Acting Test Online

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 12:17 PM

Hello guys, I released a monologue video on YouTube featuring SpringTrap himself. Feel free to check it out and leave your critiques in the comments section there. If you spot any flaws on my monologue, call it out in the comments section so I can improve.

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: My Springtrap Monologue
  • Reading: SotomayorTV Articles
  • Watching: TNN News Raw
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
*An animatronic with charred and withered brown fur, brownish white teeth, exposed organs, mechanical parts, wires and glowing white eyes is shown dragging a Satanic chest towards the center of the roof of a thirteen-story building*

Animatronic: Remember… I will come back. I will always… come back. That bastard tried to kill me when he burned down Fazbear’s Fright. *snickers manically* But I have survived. I always have. Now, I have in my possession the very box that contained the very evils that Pandora unleashed upon the world. And when the clock strikes midnight, I will open this box and unleash a curse that will slowly overwhelm the world in a cursed fog. One that will unleash demons and the very signs that will mark their prey. Those who carry that sign and die within the hour will bring forth the Devil’s handiwork. My handiwork. As they will be reborn as a shell of their former selves. At midnight tonight, I will bring forth the curse of Undeath as the foundations of a new Dark Hour. My name is Springtrap, and this tower will become the new Tartarus. My Tartarus. And within my new domain, I will bring forth the very fall of man. *snickers manically and then laughs as he opens Pandora’s Box the exact moment the twelfth bell rings, releasing a blue-violet fog that eventually engulfs the tower and the surrounding area, transforming the tower itself into a massive satanic structure that partially covers the eerie violet-colored full moon.*

*Meanwhile all water sources turn into blood, the lights go out and most of the city’s denizens are transmogrified into coffins, but a few of the population, unaware of what happened around them, begin to suffer from an intense burn on their upper backs as a circular burning brand appears behind their shoulders. After a few moments a demon emerges from the bloody river and begins to slaughter the marked civilians even though some of them tried to fight it head on in vain. The demon then approaches the citizen witnessed and then pounces on him, causing the screen to go black.*

???: Those who are lured out of the blood red coffins will be instantly marked by curse.
*A flame glows in the foreground revealing a feminine figure with dark red hair wearing an elegantly tailored, emerald-green hooded robe.*
Emerald Herald: And each bearer must survive one Dark Hour after the next. Should a Bearer of the Curse die while Tartarus stands erect, the deceased will be forever trapped in darkened world as Hollows, until their humanity can be restored.

Text: Coming Soon…
Untitled Steam Filmmaker Project Preview Script
Hello everyone, I understand that I'm not as active as I have usually been, but I'm currently busy with even bigger things in store for you guys. To be honest I'm currently preparing for an Indiegogo campaign that will have one main goal and nine subgoals set at different intervals. There will also be perks available to those who have contributed to this campaign and if at least one subgoal is fulfilled the perks will be given out. More on the Goals, Sub-Goals and Perks will be given out in a later submission. But anyway, here's a preview of one of my projects that takes place a year after the Fire of 2017 and nine years after Persona 3: The Answer. If you recognize any of the concepts Springtrap is saying, let me know in the comments below.

Voice Acting Test Online

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 12:17 PM

Hello guys, I released a monologue video on YouTube featuring SpringTrap himself. Feel free to check it out and leave your critiques in the comments section there. If you spot any flaws on my monologue, call it out in the comments section so I can improve.

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: My Springtrap Monologue
  • Reading: SotomayorTV Articles
  • Watching: TNN News Raw

If I had opened my O-152 Label today, what would you be interested in viewing and why? 

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Game Database

Inuyasha's Life in Boletaria (…) Current Version 1.0
More Coming Soon...


First of all characters, venues, terms, and are copyright to their original owners except for the OCs featured. (The characters that have Japanese text in the first line of each bio is an Original Character.)

Secondly, The fan-works that I, ALPHA-90152 publish here are non-commercial. Should I feel that my work is ready to become commercial, I will personally contact the original owners of the characters, settings, terms, and mechanics. But, until I release in written form that its time for my works to be commercial, please don't consider them as copyright infringing works.


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